The Skinny: Where the hell is Elmira, New York? Well, according to trusty Wikipedia, it’s in the Southern tier of New York, just a short way North of the Pennsylvania State line. Its most famous residents are legendary writer Mark Twain and fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger (how fucked up is that?), and in the near future, the hard rock band Divot. The trio got together about three years ago after being heavy influenced by all your ’90s and ’00s favorites like like Chevelle, Deftones, Korn, Tool, and Linkin Park. The music is a combination of heavy, straight-forward guitar riffs and melodic vocal lines and hard-hitting drum grooves.

Divot recorded its self-titled debut EP in August 2011 with Peter Charell of Trapt and it was released in January 2012. Resigned not to be lazy asses who rest on their laurels, the band has toured as much as possible, playing shows across the northeast with Art of Dying, Nonpoint, Candlelight Red, Hawthorne Heights, Madina Lake, and Psychostick. Now that you’re intrigued, have a listen to this world premiere song stream of their song “Divide!”


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