It is quite common for bands to change members throughout their careers and, more often than not, these alterations go virtually unnoticed. That is unless of course that member is a larger-than-life front man like ex-Saliva vocalist Josey Scott. When I heard the news a few years back about Scott’s departure I was fairly certain that we had heard the end of Saliva as a band. Fast forward a few years and much to my surprise the group has a new front man, Bobby Amaru, and a brand spanking new release in Rise Up. As a longtime fan I was eager to dive into the disc and see what it had to offer.

The disc opener (and lead single), “Rise Up,” kicks things off in true Saliva fashion with their signature anthemic high-energy grooves and thankfully, the remainder of the disc flows along pretty much as I expected. These guys are masters at writing big catchy choruses that get under you skin and compel you to pump your fist in the air and Rise Up is no exception. Highlights for me include the aforementioned “Rise Up,” and the driving, yet comical “Redneck Freakshow.”

Amaru is a tremendous fit for the band and overall does a good job manning the helm. If I am being honest though, I did find myself on occasion missing the familiar raspy, throaty vocals of Josey Scott. Nevertheless, Saliva have successfully made the transition and fans of the band will really dig what they have done with Rise Up. Welcome back boys!

Track Listing:

01. Rise Up
02. She Can Sure Hide Crazy
03. No One But ME
04. Lost
05. 1000 Eyes
06. Redneck Freakshow
07. Choke
08. Army
09. Closer
10. In It To Win It
11. The Enemy
12. I Don’t Want It

Run Time: 41:55
Release Date: April 29, 2014

Check out the song “Rise Up”