The Skinny: Austria’s BULBUL, perpetrators of the most exceedingly unique, solidly nonconformist, and bluntly odd acts one could conceive encountering, will close a six-year gap since their last LP with the release of their hedonistic Hirn Fein Hacken via Exile On Mainstream in North America on June 8th, 2014. Crack your cranium with the first single and opening track to Hirn Fein Hacken, “Fire,” just above!

Hirn Fein Hacken was recorded in an old farmhouse in the Austrian wilderness breathing in the sonorous vibes of the hayloft. Responsible for its tracking was the longtime acolyte of the band, Ollmann Brunbauer. Aside from the usual set up of guitars, drums and bass, BULBUL utilized sounds made from “found instruments” such as umbrellas, tennis rackets, bicycle wheels, cooking lids and mattocks, after which the tracks were digitally revised and bludgeoned, constructed and deconstructed, rewired and fired up. Hirn Fein Hacken is a wild ride, an expected outcome from a record which translates from German to “get your brain chopped into pieces.”

Hirn Fein Hacken Track Listing:

01. Fire
02. Uhu
03. I hea scho lång nix mea
04. Kanzla
05. Fisole
06. Quicksand
07. Gurdy
08. Genderman Can
09. Bomb
10. A To Beans


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