New World Sympathy is the latest release, and four song EP, from Toronto prog rock act Slyde. This is an interesting disc for sure and successfully melds tight, technical riffs and soaring melodic vocals with Japanese video game music. I know it sounds a bit odd, it did to me at first too, but once you actually give it a listen I think you’ll be as impressed as I was. The band’s sound works well and definitely is “their own”.

As one might expect from any prog rock record worth listening to, this disc is loaded with fretboard wizardry, unexpected tempo changes, and lots of catchy melodies. The thing I like most about the album though is the restrain the band uses as well. It’s absolutely clear they know their way around their instruments and I am sure they could have easily overdone the technicality on these tracks, but they didn’t! These songs are tastefully crafted and don’t feel like they’re merely vehicles for endless shredding. At the end of the day I enjoyed listening to this EP, and while not a huge fan of the genre, I can totally appreciate what Slyde have done.

New World Sympathy Track Listing:

01. New World Sympathy
02. Take Us Away
03. The Downward Spiral: Save Us From Ourselves
04. Lies

Run Time: 17:54
Release Date: June 19, 2012

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