Thank god (Or the devil) for Hells Headbangers. The label has been fighting the good fight for underground metal for a number of years, and each release they put out is generally awesome. However, with Fit For Fight by Witch Cross, it appears that the label has truly outdone themselves.

Witch Cross are a recently re-united Danish metal band that only released this sole album back in 1984 on the then young Roadrunner Records. For whatever reason the album and the band went pretty much unnoticed back then. Hopefully the their profile changes this time around as Fit for Fight is an absolute monster of an recording.

Sound-wise the band has been described as a cross between Mercyful Fate and Def-Leppard. While this is somewhat correct, that description is more than likely to make one think of King Diamond’s vocal theatrics set to hair metal which is far from the case. Instead, the band take the best of the NWOBHM and combine it with some of the hookiest songs you will ever hear, without for a second coming across as cheesy.

Any metal fan who hasn’t heard this album really owes it to themselves to check it out. Songs such as “Rocking the Night Away” and “Face Of A Clown” really deserve a chance to be checked out by a new generation as the classic songs they are.

Track Listing:

01. Night Flight to Tokyo
02. Face Of A Clown
03. Rocking The Night Away
04. Killer Dogs
05. Fight The Fire
06. Axe Dance
07. Light Of A Torch
08. Alien Savage

Run Time: 39:56
Release Date: October 23, 2012

Check out the song “Rocking The Night Away”