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“Chemist”, available to you as a free download, is one of the key tracks on the New York Rifles’ latest record Girl Shaped Girl. By the name you may think the band hails from New York City, but they are actually stationed on the West Coast in Portland, Oregon. New York Rifles encompass a lot of emotions and feelings in their music. They are wild and melodic, but still aggressive with youthful energy that comes straight from the soul. You may walk away after hearing their music feeling that rock n’ roll is actually still alive and well and isn’t the homogenized version you often hear on the radio nowadays.

Girl Shaped Girl is an embodiment of the classic vinyl days when you’d thrill at the prospect of giving a record its first spin. It has spirit and power with loud guitars, melodic shards going against punk inspired and sweaty rock n’ roll. The vocals are sincere and honest sounding that convey equally sincere lyrics about the realities of every day life. The band will be taking their spirit and force on the road with them with some dates on the west coast in July. If you like your rock raw, naked and dirty then New York Rifles are definitely for you.