Every year fans wait for Warped Tour to hit their town for a day of punk, rock, pop, and metal. It is a day for the musical misfits to run wild. No Room For Rockstars is a documentary about the road festival in 2010. Hosting the film is Mitch Lucker (Suicide Silence), Christofer Drew Ingle (Never Shout Never), Mike Posner and Forever Came Calling. The film helps the viewer see the festival from a musician’s point of view. We can see the good and the bad aspects of the tour that can either make or break a group.

As one who has heard stories about the Warped Tour, this documentary helps me understand what the musicians go through for an entire Summer. We can see the bands hideout in their buses getting out of the sun and how open their lives are without a back stage area. We even get to see how tough indie groups, such as Forever Came Calling, can be as they scrape by financially.

The music industry is falling as fans are downloading instead of buying music. Luckily a festival tour such as Warped Tour can still happen every year giving bands a chance to make new fans as people walk the grounds watching different stages. No Room For Rockstars is definitely worth viewing for any musicians or Warped Tour fans.

Run Time: 183 minutes
Release Date: May 15, 2012

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