The modern hard rock outfit SoulSwitch had a great 2012 and proved that they are not just another band in an overcrowded genre. Their EP, As It Seems, has been out about a year now and is still receiving critical acclaim. They band also filmed videos, wrote new music and embarked on their first-ever U.S. tour last Summer. Recently guitarist Jimmy Kwong sat down to answer a few questions about the band, their EP and more. Here’s how the conversation went.

Different groups have unique ways of writing their songs. How do you guys go about writing your music? Is it a collective effort or is it more the efforts of one particular member of the band?
Jimmy: A song usually starts with Nic or me bringing in an idea or even a completed song. Then the band as a whole will work out the rest. In the end, it’s a collective effort even if there’s very little change from the original.

Now that you have had some time to sit with your latest EP, As It Seems, are you happy with it or there things you would change?
Jimmy: We are totally happy with it! If there was anything that we might have wanted to do different, it would have been to record a more aggressive song. But there’s always next time!

Can you talk about some of the subjects you tackle on the EP?
Jimmy: Sure, “Transmission’s Lost” is about addiction; heroin to be exact. That song is about somebody close to the band that has been in and out of rehab their whole life. Another song would be “Saving Me”. It’s about basically everyone in the world loves to give their own opinion on peoples lives and what they should or should not do. It’s about believing in yourself and never letting anyone get into your head.

Check out the song “Change”

Is there any special meaning to the title, As It Seems?
Jimmy: “As It Seems” comes from an old song that I wrote. It was the title of the song and we felt it fit as the EP’s title. It is “As It Seems” after all.

Any plans for a full-length release?
Jimmy: Yes! We would love to record a full-length album. We are currently playing to support our new EP, but when we come off of that we plan to hit the studio. We aren’t exactly sure how long before that will happen, but it will!

Every band has its musical influences. What are some of the other bands and artists that have greatly influenced you guys and your music?
Jimmy: All of us are into a lot of different genres of music. Anywhere from Killswitch Engage to Muse to Incubus to Adele to The Cranberries! We love it all! I think it’s the love of music that we have that influence us.

If you could jam with any famous musician, dead or alive, from any century, who would it be and why?
Jimmy: I would have to say Michael Jackson. He wrote such great songs! He could sing, dance, and put on a great show!

How much roadwork do you plan on doing in 2012?
Jimmy: We are planning to cover as much ground as we can by the end of 2012.

Any rituals before you hit the stage? If so what are they?
Jimmy: Yes we definitely do. We stretch and do jumping jacks. Warm up on our instruments for about 40 minutes or more. And then we have a huddle and always say to each other “have fun and destroy everything”.

Times are tough these days. Do you have a job when you are not touring?
Jimmy: Yes, we all have daytime jobs. Some of us have two jobs! Matt and I work for a Defense company. Between Tom and Mike, they work at three resorts and an attraction park and Nic works in retail.

What is next for SoulSwitch?
Jimmy: We are playing a few festivals this Spring that we are really excited about. We are continuously writing new songs, planning to shoot a new music video for “Transmission’s Lost” and have a new website coming in a few weeks. This Summer we plan to hit the road on our first ever national tour!

Check out the “Saving Me” teaser trailer