Led in large by the fret board wizardry of lead guitarist Chris Green, the modern, melodic hard rock/metal band that is Rubicon Cross are currently touring in support of their latest, self-titled recording. Released on May 19, 2014, Rubicon Cross features 10 brand new songs each unique and jammed with pure rock-metal power! So as to learn more about the album, Green chatted with us in detail about some of the key gear he used while recording.

“Execution”, the first single off the upcoming release, Wretched, by San Jose-based metalers, Desecrator, is an unbelievably heavy, molten slab of metal. The bone-crushing riffs and steady groove provide the perfect canvass for Sid Frankosky’s guttural, at times shrieking, vocals resulting in a tune that is akin to taking a battering ram upside the head.

The modern hard rock outfit SoulSwitch had a great 2012 and proved that they are not just another band in an overcrowded genre. Their EP, As It Seems, has been out about a year now and is still receiving critical acclaim. They band also filmed videos, wrote new music and embarked on their first-ever U.S. tour last Summer. Recently guitarist Jimmy Kwong sat down to answer a few questions about the band, their EP and more. Here’s how the conversation went.