I have been a fan of Sister Sin for a while now; I love how they put a modern twist on old school heavy metal. Their latest offering, Now And Forever, successfully carries on that tradition, but kicks things up a notch as well. After a brief introduction, “End Of The Line” starts things off in true Sister Sin fashion; and with the exception of “Morning After”, I feel this record is edgier and more aggressive than anything they’ve previously released. Don’t get the wrong idea though, their trademark classic metal riffing is still here, but I feel the whole disc has a heavier feel to it.

As I mentioned though, there is one exception. “Morning After” is a piano-driven, string-laced, tender ballad that really showcases Liv’s incredible vocal abilities. While I am not the biggest fan of ballads, this one is extremely well done and really enjoyable; I feel it’s a perfect way to cap off such a great record. I highly recommend picking up Now And Forever, it is some of the best straightforward metal I have heard all year.

Track Listing:

02. End Of The Line
03. Fight Song
04. In It For Life
05. Hearts Of Cold
06. The Chosen Few
07. Hang ‘Em High
08. I’m Not You
09. Running Low
10. Shades Of Black
11. Morning After

Run Time: 40:36
Release Date: October 22, 2012

Check out the ‘Now And Forever’ Album Trailer