Sister Sin


Gothenburg, Sweden’s Sister Sin are dropping their newest heavy metal masterpiece, Black Lotus, on October 28, 2014 via Victory Records. The follow up to 2012’s Now and Forever, and their fifth studio album to date, skillfully injects elements of classic, metal-tinged hard rock while remaining contemporary, fresh and pushing heavy metal to wider audiences. In promoting these 9 new attitude-heavy tracks we spoke with bassist Strandh about, of all things, his tattoos!

I have been a fan of Sister Sin for a while now; I love how they put a modern twist on old school heavy metal. Their latest offering, Now And Forever, successfully carries on that tradition, but kicks things up a notch as well. After a brief introduction, “End Of The Line” starts things off in true Sister Sin fashion; and with the exception of “Morning After”, I feel this record is edgier and more aggressive than anything they’ve previously released. Don’t get the wrong idea though, their trademark classic metal riffing is still here, but I feel the whole disc has a heavier feel to it.