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The Skinny: From a place not necessarily known for its metal, Bangalore, India, hails this hot new band, Limit Zero. The group started out as nothing more than Shreyas Skandan’s bedroom-studio project and didn’t really start to get off the ground in 2009. That year, Sachin Rajmohan joined the project as lead singer and the band had its start. Their first release was a self-titled EP which received a lot of attention in the growing progressive metal community around the world. The band describes their music purely as progressive and experimental.

In the first few months after its official release, Limit Zero’s self-titled debut EP had garnered over two thousand downloads and people slowly started to take notice. The original idea was to eventually make Limit Zero into a full-fledged live act and a full band lineup was completed in 2010. With the full lineup, the trio been working on their first album. Unfortunately the band’s lead vocalist Sachin Rajmohan had to leave, but has since been replaced by Sunneith Revankar. The latest album Gravestone Constellations consists of nine songs, inclusive of newer versions of the original EP. Check out the free download of “Within The Beyond”.