Gore-grind is one hell of a sub-genre. If done wrong, you sound like some horrible Carcass cover band. Thankfully, General Surgery made sure they didn’t do it wrong on their new EP Like An Ever Flying Limb. Now they might not be my exact cup of tea… and severed limbs… (Exhumed would have to be my preference when it comes to gore), but I can definitely tell you that this 7″ release is crushing from the get-go.

From the fast-paced, killer opening of the title track “Like An Ever Falling Limb”, to the final riff on the absolutely groovy “Dark Cyanotic Hypostasis”, this release is 11 minutes and seven seconds of pure death-grindy power! Overall this is a great EP… top to bottom!

General Surgery did their best at making sure this offering would both satisfy and entertain the masses, and stuck to the grotesque macabre roots they’re known for. I would highly recommend this release to any person who wants to build their grind collection to a flesh consuming maximum.

Track Listing:

01. Like An Ever Flying Limb
02. Ejected Viscous Mucus
03. Seizures
04. Rhythmic Epidermal Clamor
05. Dark Cyanotic Hypostasis

Run Time: 11:07
Release Date: November 6, 2012

Check out the song: “Like An Ever Flying Limb”