The Drive is the debut release from extreme metal band In Alcatraz 1962. After a brief intro titled “Breaking Through”, the first track, “Still Strong”, gets things started with a bang and the band comes out swinging hard and heavy. The remainder of the disc follows suit, dishing out a lethal dose of hardcore metal.

At times I can definitely hear influences from The Acacia Strain in the mix, but I think all of the extreme elements are nicely offset by some melodic guitar work that is interspersed throughout the disc. A good example of this can be found in the instrumental, “Over These Years,” which appears in the middle of the disc and, at least for me, allows the ears to recover before the pummeling begins once more.

Even though this is a super-crowded genre, I think In Alcatraz 1962 has created a strong first effort that should hold its own. Check this one out, it’s worth the spin.

Track Listing:

01. Breaking Through
02. Still Strong
03. Eloquence
04. There To Take
05. The Fatal Flaw
06. Acceptance
07. Over These Years
08. Winter Sun
09. Submergence
10. Stagnant
11. Aspirations
12. Through Blank Eyes

Run Time: 35:47
Release Date: October 9, 2012

Check out the song: “Aspirations”