Invisible Stars is Everclear’s first release in six years, following 2006’s Welcome To The Drama Club. Upon listening I was hit with nostalgia; I forgot how catchy Everclear could be and how old I am! Although singer and guitarist Art Alexakis is the only member to appear on the album since their last effort, Invisible Stars stays true to form. I guess you could say it’s not really a departure from previous albums, and I definitely think that’s a good thing.

This offering is so catchy, for lack of a better word. From the first track “Tiger In A Burning Tree” you can instantly feel, if you were at a show, that this would be the lead off song. The whole album follows suit and is melodic and oh so appropriate for Summer; in fact this ought to be 2012’s Summer CD. If you’re looking for something to instantly put you in a better mood and are tired of all the crap that makes its way through our airways, pick this up.

If like me, you were born in the early 80’s (a women never reveals her true age) and had great music like this to get you through high-school, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by Invisible Stars. Definitely going to pass this one on to my niece… Someone has to guide her through all the bubble-gum crap! This is a grown-up Everclear, an ever maturing group who manages to stay true to their sound, yet always deliver something new. The lyrics are relatable, the music is Everclear. Enjoy!

Invisible Stars Track Listing:

01. Tiger In A Burning Tree
02. Falling In A Good Way
03. Be Careful What You Ask For
04. Volcano
05. Santa Ana Wind
06. Wishing
07. I Am Better Without You
08. Aces
09. Jackie Robinson
10. The Golden Rule
11. Rocket For The Girl
12. Promenade

Run Time: 38:22
Release Date: June 26, 2012

Check out the song “Be Careful What You Ask For”