One strum in and you can easily identify that it’s a Cult album. Choice of Weapon is their ninth studio release and by no bias at all, this album is pretty awesome. Let me clarify, this album is epically awesome. If I could describe the disc in one word, it would be pure. It’s pure rock; sure it has some classic Cult and some modern Cult elements, but The Cult has always managed to stay true to style and swagger.

Five years since their last release Youth and naysayers may compare past albums to this one, but you can’t rewrite the same album twice, right? By no means is this a “comeback album”, but simply and an f-you to those who thought, claimed and insisted The Cult was done musically. Here is the best quote from Ian Astbury in regards to critics: “I will piss all over the rock collection of some hipster who gives my album two out of 10 because the difference between them and me is I didn’t Wikipedia ‘punk rock’ – I lived through it,” he says. “I’m part of that generation who laid down their lives and their sanity to build this thing.”

Produced by Chris Goss (Queens of the Stone Age) and Bob Rock (Metallica) they were able to capture Astbyru’s haunting, yet dark wails along with tight riffs and melodies. “Wilderness Now” is going to be classified as their ballad while “The Wolf” pays homage to one of their greatest songs, “She Sells Sanctuary”. The whole album is a fresh take on music. It’s a release for the now… for old fans and new.

Overall, all I can say is #ThankYouForMakingAGreatAlbum. I have to feel some sort of Canadian Pride here, although short lived; vocalist Ian Astbury lived in Canada for 5 years. That my friends… right there… is awesome.

Track Listing:

01. Honey from a Knife 3:07
02. Elemental Light 4:46
03 The Wolf 3:34
04. Life Death 5:33
05. For The Animals 4:28
06. Amnesia 3:02
07. Wilderness Now 4:33
08. Lucifer 4:41
09. A Pale Horse 3:14
10. This Night in the City Forever 4:46

Run Time: ??
Release Date: ??

Check out the song: “Honey from a Knife”