Saint Vitus is a band with a legendary status within the doom metal community. Returning with a new album after many years of absence is like walking in a mine field. The slightest misstep and your status as legendary band is tarnished beyond repair. Let’s see what Wino and Co scraped off the bottom this time around.

Long-time fans can rejoice, because the band picked up where they left back in 1995. Lillie: F-65 is drenched with Black Sabbath worship and the guys haven’t missed a beat. One can ask whether Saint Vitus will still have the same impact as they had back in the day, but then again it’s heartwarming to see that Wino and Co still have the chops and that they don’t go down in flames like many previous reunion acts.

Saint Vitus are back with a vengeance with Lillie: F-65 and they still have something to say. Recommended tracks: “Let Them Fall”, “Vertigo” and “Dependence”.

Track Listing:

01. Let Them Fall
02. The Bleeding Ground
03. Vertigo
04. Blessed Night
05. The Waste Of Time
06. Dependence
07. Withdrawal

Run Time: 33:40
Release Date: April 27, 2012

Check out the song: “Let Them Fall”