The UK’s Binah are destined to become underground cult favourites. They play excellent straight ahead death metal that is not for the faint of heart, with production that sounds like the band just emerged from hell itself. Those who complain that death metal has lost its heart and become too commercialized in the past decade will find a lot to love with this album. Everything about the band from it’s name, to its sound, to even the album artwork just screams old school. Extreme metal heads should pick this one up as soon as possible.

Track Listing:

01. Into the Psychomanteum
02. Morbid Obumbration
03. A New Rotten Dawn
04. The Emissary
05. Absorption Into The Unearthly
06. Eminence of the Sombre
07. Hallucinating the Resurrecture
08. Dissolution
09. Crepuscular Transcendence
10. Buried Baptistry (Outro)

Run Time: 50:30
Release Date: July 24, 2012

Check out the song: “Absorption Into The Unearthly”