The Skinny: I don’t smoke pot and I don’t drink, but from time to time, I like to consider myself a “Part Time Grinder.” As of late, there is a rash of new and younger bands stepping up to the shred plate and trying to profess their love for grindcore, the blunt, power violence, and the occasional cocktail.

Pizza Hi-Five from Lima, Ohio is a member of this cult and they bring their flare and zest for the bong like you wouldn’t believe. They play a very raw and downright violent breed of fastcore. I know, I know… the genres can sometimes be blurred… but, if you put in mind bands like Charles Bronson, and Hellnation you will land on about the same wave length as these fine folks. They play a raw base of stop-and-go fastcore that is measured out by “finger-in-the-door” shrieks and guttural horror screams that you were warned about.

They will surely be be playing a basement near you or you can find them at the “Leather Shop” in historic Lima. They’re are also heading out on a Winter tour, so if you go to see them, bring you’re eye drops! Tour dates can be found on the Deep Shit Facebook page RIGHT HERE as they’ll be spreading the good word with them.

Genre(s): Grindcore, Power Violence, Fastcore

Check out Pizza Hi-Five performing live