Fans of Judas Priest, KISS, and Iron Maiden rejoice! America’s own heavy metallers, Iced Earth, recently dropped their latest album, Dystopia. This record is amazing! As soon as I pushed play, the first song and title track of the album, “Dystopia,” crushed me with heavy double bass and crunch-crunch guitar work.

Though new to the lineup, vocalist Stu Block writes lyrics based on a very nightmarish, Orwellian world of the future. Lyrics such as: “Enter the nightmare / This future does implore / A techno city state / A prison nothing more / Rounded up like cattle / You’re forced in to the trains / Nothing that you’ve ever known will bring you so much” certainly stand out and pack a punch.

Dystopia is chock full of beautiful ballads, intricate and melodic guitar work, heavy bone-crushing riffs, and sign-along vocal choruses, while offering through the lyrics a very dark and chilling depiction of the future (or maybe the present depending on who you ask).

With nine studio albums under their belt, Iced Earth have cemented themselves as metal heavyweights. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this release and Iced Earth have forged an album that cannot be ignored. Go buy this release!

Track Listing:

01. Dystopia
02. Anthem
03. Boiling Point
04. Anguish Of Youth
05. V
06. Dark City
07. Equilibrium
08. Days Of Rage
09. End Of Innocence
10. Tragedy And Triump

Run Time: 45:12
Release: October 18, 2011

Check out the song: “Dystopia”