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The Cautioneers are a Toronto-based six piece ensemble, whose meticulous creative process has to date yielded a diverse body of ethereal, melodic, and driving indie pop/rock. The six longtime friends that make up the core of the band came together in early 2010, motivated by a desire to fill the creative void brought on by the culmination of their educative careers.

The formation of the band was immediately followed by a year of discovery and learning in which numerous challenges and changes shaped the members’ characters and attitudes toward writing and playing music. A strong work ethic has defined the band from the beginning, and continues to be paramount in shaping their songs and energetic live performances. Recently performing in Toronto’s NXNE and Out of the Box festivals, they have developed a loyal following whose enthusiasm parallels that of the band.

The Cautioneers have intricately crafted their debut offering Where We Are (November 18th) over the past year, which stands as a reflection of the growing pains, lessons, and renewed sense of direction the band has experienced from the very beginning.