Since 2010 MaQLu has released three EP’s entitled Blood, Black and Haze. To make things easier for their fans, MaQLu has since combined the EP’s to make Blood.Black.Haze, a cheap and efficient way to own all three releases in once compact disc (pun intended). Now that is a space saver of an idea!

After a quick spin through the entire album one notices the songs all sound similar – the slow dissonant beats mixed in with MaQLu’s low vocals drone on for all 16 tracks. I personally felt that having ALL 3 EPs on one disc is way too much MaQLu. Even though the idea is great to save space and money, playing the disc from beginning to end tends to become boring. Now that MaQLu has produced this album i hope she takes a break before her next release to possibly take in new ideas.

Track Listing:

01. Trouble Thing
02. Writhe
03. Poison Their Well
04. Move Through Me
05. Os Invidus
06. Siamese Twins
07. Whore
08. Martyr
09. March On
10. Paws Off
11. Home
12. Lord Of The Flies
13. Manifest
14. Purple
15. Snare
16. Dream Come True

Run Time: 1:06:32
Release Date: September 27, 2011

Check out the song: “Manifest”