Toronto-based indie rock band, The Cautioneers are preparing to release their debut CD, Where We Are, on November 18th. What one will find is a heavy dose of melodic vocals, horns and delicately undulating guitars that invite the listener to sit back, relax and enjoy the calm, tranquil musical landscape. What I wasn’t expecting from The Cautioneers though was a heavy dose of jamming as well.

Most of the songs include extended plays where the band tastefully jams without being overly flashy or pretentious, they seem to do more with less; a good example of this can be found in the song “Heaven Help Us.” While I’m totally a fan of the jam thing, I found the repetitive nature of some of the extended jams to be a bit too much and I think in the end this might work against them, albeit a little.

Bottom line, I think The Cautioneers have created a lush musical tapestry that is the perfect soundtrack for maxing and relaxing, accompanied by your favorite beverage.

Track Listing:

01. Where We Are
02. If Only
03. Stand Back And Watch The Collapse
04. A Feeling Of Love And Meaning
05. The Art Of Cartography
06. Heaven Help Us

Run Time: 28:30
Release Date: November 18, 2011

Check out the song: “Heaven Help Us”


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