Samiam just recently celebrated its twenty-third anniversary as a band together with the release of their latest record, Trips, in September. The CD comes a full five years after the release of the group’s last record Whatever’s Got You Down, another long hiatus that Samiam fans have had to endure.

Off the new record is the tune “Over Now,” a song you could call a classic three minutes of punk rock. I really liked the guitar riff which carries the song very well and the verses have a nice up-tempo pace to them with some decent vocals. It’s also a bit of cross-over type of song that even non-punk fans would probably enjoy. Overall, a very decent track. Let’s just hope it’s not another five years before we get to hear some new music this time.

Run Time: 3:16
Release Date: September 6, 2011

Check out the song: “Over Now”