L.A. based band, Elitist, premieres their new song, “Fracture” below. The track showcases the group’s ability to place heavy instrumental riffs besides aggressive vocals without hindering the tune’s overall melody. “Fracture” is off of the band’s upcoming EP, ‘Earth’, which will drop October 25th via Blkheart Group.

Elitist, which consists of Alex DeHeart (vocals), Julian Rodriguez (guitar), Sean Hall (guitar), Mike Danese (bass) and Andrew Slane (drums), formed in December 2010 and released their debut EP, ‘Caves’, that same year. With mesmerizing guitar lines and fluid fretboard work, it’s not hard to believe that both guitarists in the band received musical teutelage from AJ Minette of The Human Abstract.

For more information, please visit: www.facebook.com/elitistband.