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Track By Track: RUINA Details the Powerful Themes Behind Their ‘As The Sky Begins To Break’ EP

Harv Lake, frontman with rising Brit metallers RUINA, details the inspiration behind the new EP ‘As The Sky Begins To Break.’



Rising Brit heavyweights RUINA let loose their engrossing new EP, As The Sky Begins To Break, last week. Having had our eardrums battered by this brilliant EP, which includes the new single, “Ash & Fire,” we connected with main man Harv Lake, and he give us this exclusive track-by-track breakdown of the EP.

1. “Ash & Fire”

Harv Lake: “A representation of a journey battling through your own mind. Finding strength within yourself and empowering through that voice in your head telling you that you can’t do this. Rising above, persevering through ash and fire and finding yourself burned, beaten and scarred… but ultimately stronger because of what you’ve been through.”

2. “The Truth”

“We live in an age where the internet and social media is perceived as gospel, false idols and false truths are spread everywhere at such a rapid and unforgiving pace. Without discovering the real truth behind these scenarios, innocent people have suffered at the hand of this prejudiced power behind people’s screens, and as a result, reputations are tarnished forever. This is about acknowledging and honouring the truth in people and not the ones that exist to drag others down. Ultimately, they will have to face their own truths sooner or later.”

3. “Wavebreaker”

“Suffering with anxiety and depression is a daily battle. To overcome it for maybe a few minutes, hours or days should absolutely be championed. This path starts with being crushed by the waves and suffocating, eventually breaking through that incredible force and enabling yourself to move forward and, ultimately, keep going. We want to brand the term ‘Wavebreaker’ for anyone who knows what this feels like and has pushed past those momentous barriers in their body and mind. We are all human, and it’s vital that we celebrate these mental achievements, however big or small.”

RUINA’s new EP, As The Sky Begins To Break, is out now, and you can pick up your copy here.

Artwork for ‘As The Sky Begins to Break’ by Ruina

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