Dark and light. Stark and ethereal. Unassailable and vulnerable: apt dichotomies that describe Lexi Layne’s music and stage persona. Layne’s debut EP, Sinner and Saint (August 6, 2021), is a rock and metal-inspired showpiece celebrating the singer’s emergence onto the scene. In this intriguing V13 Media exclusive, Layne unveils way more about her story.

In our conversation, the singer talks about wanting to be a performer since early childhood, her formal training in theatre, an unbridled passion to be onstage, and refusing to go in the direction where the music-industry types said a style such as hers would be best suited.


“It’s definitely surreal when everything you have been manifesting for so long starts to come true…I’m very, very excited to see what the future holds. If I’m playing my first show with my band, and the first place I’m ever playing is the Viper Room—I think that’s a pretty good fucking start. And I have nothing to complain about.” -Lexi Layne

Lexi and her band will perform on November 3, 2022, at The Viper Room.

Sinner and Saint Track Listing:

2. Self Sabotage
3. Bloodless
4. Lost Soul
5. Sinner and Saint

Artwork for the EP ‘Sinner and Saint’ by Lexi Layne