If you’re even the most casual of fans of hard rock and rock music then I don’t need to tell you about the greatness that is the Seattle rock scene. One of the latest, great bands to emerge from Seattle is S.Y.F.T, an unsigned hard rock act with a touch of heavy metal for good measure. The band’s debut record Last Chance for a Legacy came out a couple of years ago and now their second record New Beginning has been doing very well commercially since its release at the end of April.

New Beginning’s first single is the hard thrashing “Ten Ton Brick.” The song begins with a sound akin to late ’80s Soundgarden before ripping into some hardcore metal. The Seattle grunge influences are clearly evident but “Ten Ton Brick” also shows that S.Y.F.T is so much more than just a band out to recreate the past. The song represents the group well and acts as a good introduction for those who’ve never had the opportunity to check out S.Y.F.T. The band shows a wide appeal as it’s not quite too hardcore for rock fans and not too soft or mainstream for metal fans.

Run Time: 3:34
Release Date: April 29, 2011

Check out the song: “Ten Ton Brick”