“Turbulence” is the second single from Bowling For Soup’s eleventh album, Fishing For Woos, the album which rocketed to number 189 in the US album charts. Pushing sarcasm aside, “Turbulence” is a very poor effort. We know by now that Bowling For Soup are a very obvious, “in your face” type of band, but the overwhelming feeling gathered after listing to the song is one of stale boredom.

The song is pieced together quite simply, comparing the journey of life to one on an aeroplane, but there is nothing truly exciting or even remotely interesting about the song. Those of us Brits will be able to compare the high pitched, sentimental vocals to one of a McFly song and the inevitable cringe was splashed across my face when lead singer Jaret Reddick squealed “it’s just a little turbulence” at the end of the first chorus. “Turbulence” is no fun, no fun at all!

Run Time: 3:21
Release Date: July 18, 2011

Check out the song: “Turbulence”