For the past 20 years the British doom metal band, My Dying Bride has been cranking out what I would consider genre-defining, bone-crushing metal. On their latest disc Evinta, the band has taken a different approach to their music by stripping down and reworking their older classic tunes. Instead of the anticipated wall of sludgy guitars the songs include a symphonic orchestra, a choir and operatic vocals that give them a completely different feel.

The strings and the long depressive keyboard passages have a striking effect giving the record a hauntingly gloomy, super emotional swirling vibe that just cuts straight to the bone; this is really an emotional record. Unlike their original counterparts these songs have taken on a new life, light years away from the metal world. Evinta is really a work of art, it is moving, it is emotional and it is well worth checking out.

Track Listing:

Disc 1:
01. In Your Dark Pavilion
02. You Are Not The One Who Loves Me
03. Of Lilies Bent With Tears
04. The Distance, Busy With Shadows
05. Of Sorry Eyes In March

Disc 2:
01. Vanite Triomphante
02. That Dress And Summer Skin
03. And Then You Go
04. A Hand Of Awful Rewards

Run Time: 1:27:02
Release Date: 05.16.2011

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