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I had the opportunity to speak with Anders, co-founder of Katatonia together with Jonas Renkse. It was the last day of their tour as Opeth’s supporting acts on the “Heritage Tour”. Niklas Sandin and Daniel Liljekvist (bassist and drummer respectively) were present too. Here’s what Anders had to say, about their music, relationships in their bands, and metal hair.

I recently caught up with Chris Reifert of the legendary death metal band Autopsy to discuss the group’s newest release, Macabre Eternal. After more than a decade off the grid the guys are back with a vengeance; Macabre Eternal is a no-nonsense, death metal record from the critically acclaimed masters of the genre. Here’s what Reifert had to say.

For the past 20 years the British doom metal band, My Dying Bride has been cranking out what I would consider genre-defining, bone-crushing metal. On their latest disc Evinta, the band has taken a different approach to their music by stripping down and reworking their older classic tunes. Instead of the anticipated wall of sludgy guitars the songs include a symphonic orchestra, a choir and operatic vocals that give them a completely different feel.