my dying bride


A band like My Dying Bride really has no business making albums that are as good as A Map of All Our Failures this late in the game. After 22 years it seems to be expected that a group will lose its edge and start to churn out discs that are merely a shadow of their former selves. With A Map of All Our Failures; however, My Dying Bride prove that bands indeed can still release outstanding material much later in their careers.

UK doom hero, My Dying Bride, has launched a mini-site for its upcoming album, A Map of all our Failures, featuring album info, audio, video, downloads and more. Fans can now stream a brand new song, “Kneel till Doomsday,” on Soundcloud just below, and those who sign up for the My Dying Bride mailing list will receive a free download of the track. A Map of all our Failures is due out on October 16th via Peaceville Records.

For the past 20 years the British doom metal band, My Dying Bride has been cranking out what I would consider genre-defining, bone-crushing metal. On their latest disc Evinta, the band has taken a different approach to their music by stripping down and reworking their older classic tunes. Instead of the anticipated wall of sludgy guitars the songs include a symphonic orchestra, a choir and operatic vocals that give them a completely different feel.