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Stereo Six: Super Metal Collective PULCHRA MORTE Outline Their Top Six Records That Have Influences Their Debut Full-Length

Death/doom supergroup, Pulchra Morte join us for the latest edition of our Stereo Six segment, detailing six classic albums that directly influenced the sweet sounds on the band’s debut release, Divina Autem Et Aniles, out now via Ceremonial Records.



Death/doom collective Pulchra Morte, featuring current and former members of Wolvhammer, Eulogy, Harkonin and Withered, have just released their debut full-length, Divina Autem Et Aniles, which may be bought here, and it’s an absolutely heaving heavy fest!

This metal supergroup began in 2017 as a trio consisting of vocalists Clayton Gore and Jason Barron, formerly of Harkonin, and guitarist Jeffrey Breden with the intent of recapturing the purpose of greats from the late-‘80s and early ‘90s doom-laden death metal scene. They’ve certainly accomplished that on their debut, which features guest vocals from former Eulogy member Heather Dykstra and cellist Naarah Strokosch.

Fortunately for us all, Pulchra Morte were in touch and agreed to join us for a new edition of our Stereo Six segment, detailing five classic albums (and one curveball) that have directly influenced the sweet sounds on the band’s most recent release.

Before you begin… check out “Thrown To The Wolves”, one hell of a track and one of the many highlights on Divina Autem Et Aniles.

01. Candlemass – “Nightfall” (1987, Axis)
Nightfall is a classic and one of the records I revisit quite often anytime I want to get inspired to create. “Gothic Stone” and “The Well of Souls” is arguably one of my favorite openings to any record. What grabbed me most is the overall crafting of groove and song structure, the mix of primitive and melodic riffing is a perfect mix, and also has some of the most tasteful guitar solos you will ever hear. A true masterpiece in my opinion. (Jeff Breden)

02. Paradise Lost – “Gothic” (1991, Peaceville)
– The beauty of this album is that it completely relies on feeling and mood to get the point across; not on speed; not on technicality, just pure feeling, and songwriting. The overall tone of the album is reminiscent of being in a post-apocalyptic cathedral clinging to the notions of god while the narrator destroys your faith word by word. The use of melody from the guitar lines and female vocals in contrast to the excellent growls from Nick Holmes are the perfect blend to make a memorable album. Writing memorable songs with infectious parts contagious parts. (Jarrett Pritchard)

03. Cathedral – “Forest Of Equilibrium” (1991, Earache)
– It Is the ultimate example of major atmosphere and dread. Lee’s vocals a cross between death metal growls/crying in agonizing pain. The voice of disfigured creatures in the forest of deep dark depression. A huge inspiration to me personally, and a monumental album of doom and gloom. From the extremely slow pace to mid-pace, huge guitar tones. Ebony Tears lyrically influenced the Pulchra Morte song “Thrown to the Wolves” in particular being an utterly depressing love song. This album is also a favorite because I saw them on this tour. Being mesmerized and pulled into the atmosphere of the album live as well on disc or vinyl. (Jason Barron)

04. My Dying Bride – “Turn Loose The Swans” (1993, Peaceville)
– An unsettling piece of dark poetry; a genuine doomsday masterpiece. This is another classic album with gothic overtones that’s inspiring all around from a creative perspective. The title track is one of the heaviest and glorious songs, period. If you don’t feel inspired by this album, you’re probably broken. (Jason Barron)

05. Voïvod – “Dimension Hatröss” (1988, Maze, Noise)
V influenced my approach to arrangement and drumming more than anything else. Creating the balance between complex guitar parts and more straight-forward drumming, and vice versa is Voïvod’s specialty. They also expertly keep that tribal through-line over the duration of DH in particular. (Clayton Gore)

06. [Curveball] Fields of the Nephilim – “The Nephilim” (1988, Situation Two/Beggars Banquet)
Fields’ influence on our music is one of general feel and approach. They are masters at creating mood and atmosphere with as little as possible. Meaning, they are more concerned with the feeling conveyed than with overly-busy riffs or tricky arrangements for the sake of being tricky. Even stripped down, everything that remains is there to serve the song above all. (Clayton Gore)

The album Divina Autem Et Aniles dropped on February 1st, via Ceremonial Records.

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