The Skinny: We All Bleed is Crossfade’s third album, seven years following their previous release, the band has delivered a new, evolved, darker side of Crossfade. Reflected in the layered orchestrations of their lead guitarist, Les Hall, and the honest, but dark lyrics of Ed Sloan, the album delivers an emotional response to what the band has gone through since their fall from success.

We All Bleed delivers a deep, emotional, and authentic musical experience that represents the renewal and perseverance of Crossfade. To the Crossfade fan, this is a different experience to what the band has ever delivered previously, with their former material leaning more on the generic side of radio rock. We All Bleed is aggressive, textured, and musically visual. To the audience, captures the rebirth of Crossfade today and angst of our current time.

Prizing: THREE (3) grand prize winners will each receive a free Crossfade t-shirt as well as a copy of the new album We All Bleed. Come on folks… this is your chance to win!

Deadline: July 30, 2011

Check out the song: “Killing Me Inside”