Check out the song: “Here, wait a minute! Damn it!”

Who is Cloudkicker? Well Cloudkicker is Ben Sharp, a man who has created some of the greatest instrumental music ever heard. He takes on all the rolls from writing to recording, to getting it out to fans. Each one of this albums is online for free download at his Bandcamp page. He recently released Beacons so I asked him a few questions about the album and Cloudkicker.

What’s the history behind Cloudkicker and how did it begin?
Ben: Cloudkicker started as a single song I wrote in late 2006. I got some friends together and played some really fun house shows, but I moved away from home the next year so even though that put the brakes on playing live shows, I continued to write and record music.

The name Cloudkicker, did it derive from TaleSpin and if so were you a big fan of the cartoon?
Ben: Yeah it was a favourite of mine when I was a kid.

You have released a few albums digitally and for free. How can you release free music while other indie acts have to work hard selling everything just to break even?
Ben: Well, I don’t rely on music to pay my bills.

Your latest album Beacons has been out for sometime now. How has the reaction been from fans and are you still happy with the outcome of this release?
Ben: Yeah I’m very happy! The reaction was and still is amazing. I put a lot of myself into making it, so to see something I’m so proud of making so many people happy is awesome.

Can you give me an insight into the name Beacons?
Ben: When I was a kid, I used to climb to the top of a hill by my house at night and watch planes leaving Los Angeles. Sometimes I would stay up there until night time, and by then the only things you could see where their flashing beacons fading off into the distance. I think a lot of those feelings are present in the album.

What is your favourite song on the album?
Ben: “Amy, I Love You” is the most sobering, emotional song that I’ve ever written so I definitely have a soft spot for it, but I really enjoy the album as a whole.

What is the writing/recording process for a Cloudkicker song?
Ben: Usually it starts with a single guitar riff and goes from there. I generally write songs from start to finish, so they flow pretty organically.

Will we ever see a Cloudkicker show happen?
Ben: Probably not, but who knows!

If you did put a band together to perform Cloudkicker live, who would you want to make the ultimate lineup?
Ben: Friends of mine.

Whats next for Cloudkicker?
Ben: That’s a good question!