The Skinny: The story of Norris is a sordid affair of five musicians and their tale of determination and unwavering aspiration to make the most challenging and forward-thinking music possible. Not so long ago, Norris tirelessly spent much of their time making a name for themselves in the Thunder Bay, Ontario music scene and, although they still have a close fondness to their hometown, the need to branch out and leave the Thunder Bay basin and move around the country was inevitable. Backed by the support of their two independently released EPs, Norris gained quiet exposure from multiple Canadian tours that stretched from British Columbia to Quebec.

As the quintet puts the finishing studio touches on their new metal opus, it’s clear that their debut full-length record will reach a larger and more dynamic audience which made signing with Year of the Sun Records a natural choice. With a little more experience now securely strapped to their beer bellies, Norris legitimately boast a stronger and more focused line-up. They have placed a distinct emphasis on memorable song writing and not the cheesy gimmicks that typically weigh down a lot of up and coming bands.

With plans already in the works to head back out on the road as soon as their new album drops, Norris has already stated that not only will they be returning to the many cities that they’ve already visited, but that they’re also determined to push their new agenda: to have their extreme sound breach new uncharted regions of The Great White North and beyond.


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