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Exes For Eyes is a new metal from Canada formed by Dave Sheldon (Man With Target, Annihilator) and Big James Arsenian (Endast, Authors). In 2011 they released their debut The Amsler Grid on Year Of The Sun Records which was produced, mixed and mastered by guitarist Dave Sheldon. Dave recently put life on hold to discuss the power of his laptop and how it helped him create such a great record.

What do you get when you mix Man With Target with Endast? You get Canadian metal band Exes For Eyes, comprised of Dave Sheldon (Man With Target, Annihilator) and Big James Arsenian (Endast, Authors). These two came together to create 9 pounding tracks which when put all together form the band’s debut album, The Amsler Grid.

Lately, Southern Ontario has witnessed an increasing amount of extreme metal bands coming out of the woodwork. To name but a few: Exes For Eyes, Odium, Baptized In Blood and, of course, Misguided Aggression all come to mind. Flood The Common Ground is the second full-length from Woodstock’s Misguided Aggression and these guys are for sure another reason why Ontario is gaining the reputation of being a true metal hub.

“Let’s break down some walls and go crazy” is what Norris must have been thinking when they wrote and recorded their new album The Great White North. At first glance, the cover art displays a calm image of, well… Canada. With this picture one may be convinced the music is calm and mellow… it’s anything but.

I met Big James Arensian this year in Montreal, QC and told him how much I dug his Exes For Eyes album, The Amsler Grid. Thankfully he gave me his email so I could send him some questions about the album, the history of the band and how he keeps his distant relationship strong with Dave Sheldon and the others. Here’s how it went.

The story of Norris is a sordid affair of five musicians and their tale of determination and unwavering aspiration to make the most challenging and forward-thinking music possible. Not so long ago, Norris tirelessly spent much of their time making a name for themselves in the Thunder Bay, Ontario music scene and, although they still have a close fondness to their hometown, the need to branch out and leave the Thunder Bay basin and move around the country was inevitable.

If you ask a metal head what they look for in a band they will usually state these four properties: heaviness, thrash, technical and energy. These properties are the make and break standard for bands in metal. Derelict, a band from Montreal, Quebec has conquered all four on their latest album Unspoken Words.