It was the winter of 2004-05 and Gary Bettman and his band of arrogant and narrow-minded cronies locked out the NHLPA. Canadians everywhere were in a huff. What the hell were we going to do with ourselves on Saturday nights without Hockey Night in Canada? Many turned to poker. Four guys out of London Ontario, however, decided on metal. According to lead singer, Johl Fendley, Baptized In Blood was a bi-product of sheer boredom, which he attributes, on the band website, to the lack of hockey on the tube. Apparently not all was lost that winter!

Baptized In Blood’s self-titled album is a real face melter. Call it thrash metal, call it power metal, call it what you will, but the album is loud, aggressive and will provide the soundtrack to any metal-head’s wet dream. Baptized In Blood sounds a bit like Atreyu at their most belligerent without any clean vocals. In other words, these guys shred, pound and scream their way through the album. I like it. ‘Nuff said!

Personal favourites: “Up Shirts Down Skirts” and “Will of a Demon”.

Track Listing:

01. Up Shirts Down Skirts
02. Dirty’s Back
03. Game On
04. Only Cure
05. Down and Out
06. Mental
07. Last Line Lady
08. My Salute
09. Go It Alone
10. Will Of A Demon
11. Sinking Ships
12. Event Horizon

Run Time: 48:53
Release Date: 10.19.2010

Check out the song: “Dirty’s Back”