Google never ceases to amaze me, it will return fifteen very different results for one word. Aside from being a very good progressive metal band, Votum, is a medication for high blood pressure that isn’t suitable for distribution in the United States. More appropriately, however, it is also a form of prayer in which an offering is made to the gods in exchange for divine favour. e.g. I swear to God I will quit (insert vice) if this article ever gets to the point.

Votum is a thoughtful prog-rock outfit that offers up their latest release, Metafiction, to the divine for salvation and forgiveness. With Metafication, the five piece has successfully crafted a narrative with poignant themes of self loathing, depression, isolation and repentance. What makes Votum particularly interesting is their ability to match the mood of the music to the mood of the lyrics. Through a combination of synths, some tricky time signatures and soaring vocal melodies, they’ve been able to produce the atmosphere necessary to accomplish this difficult task. Ultimately, they have created a fuller and more complete listening experience.

To listen to one song off of Metafiction wouldn’t do the album or Votum justice. The music and story have been woven into one. That being said, if you need something to grab your immediate attention and interest, check out the 5th track, “Stranger Than Fiction”. This tune embodies all things Votum and all things that rock.

Track Listing:

01. Falling Dream
02. Glassy Essence
03. Home
04. Faces
05. Stranger Than Fiction
06. Indifferent
07. December 20th

Run Time: 44:40
Release Date: 08.03.2010