Polish blackened death metal upcomers Devilish Impressions have revealed the first track off their upcoming album Simulacra due to be released July 30th in Europe and on July 31st in North America. The track entitled “Icaros”, which also the first track on the album, can be heard below. Despite having only two albums under their belt Devilish Impressions quickly managed to put their name out there. Critically acclaimed records and intense touring along with some of the biggest names in the metal scene made them one of the most promising acts on the European map of extreme music. After a row of personal problems that eventually caused several line-up changes and temporary stage absence, the band strikes back with the brand new opus called Simulacra and is now ready to take the scene by storm again.

Some of today’s best metal music is found deep in the bowels of the underground, in places where the average Joe Metallica fan doesn’t bother to look. Many in the underground would have it no other way: many underground purists can be like hipsters in a way, wanting the “cool” bands all to themselves and then feigning boredom with said band if they ever get popular. However, the thing is that a lot of the more underground bands are worthy of far more attention than they get. Case in point is Poland’s Hellspawn.

Poland’s Amorphous are an interesting band. They are billed as death metal yet sound like a cross between death, thrash and traditional metal. According to the band’s bio they’ve been kicking around the underground scene since back in 1991. Enter 2012 and their new album, A Perfect Evil, may be the release that actually breaks the band to the metal masses.

While you might not have previously thought it, Lublin, Poland is in fact home to some downright awesome thrash metal. That’s right, local Slavic crew Fanthrash bring the noise with their death metal-infused thrash metal jams. Formed as far back as 1986, the band was highly active until around 1992. While they would go on indefinite hiatus, thankfully for fans the group returned in the Spring of 2007 and in 2010 premiered their self-released EP, Trauma Despotic.

Google never ceases to amaze me, it will return fifteen very different results for one word. Aside from being a very good progressive metal band, Votum, is a medication for high blood pressure that isn’t suitable for distribution in the United States. More appropriately, however, it is also a form of prayer in which an offering is made to the gods in exchange for divine favour. e.g. I swear to God I will quit (insert vice) if this article ever gets to the point.