Hourcast is an industrial/rock group from Boston that has been together now for about seven years. They’ve so far released two records, 2006’s State of Disgrace and 2010’s Dystopia. Dystopia has been a solid success for Hourcast, featuring the popular single “Freakshow.” The song’s popularity was helped by its inclusion in the video game RockBand which has opened many people’s eyes and ears to this group.

“Freakshow” as a song is completely carried by its chorus which will likely have you remembering the band and the song after listening to it. Unfortunately the verses are weak and the song is too much built around the power of the chorus. The instrumentation isn’t particularly impressive either, as nothing about it stands out at all throughout the song. “Freakshow” is a decent rock radio song, but nothing that will have you running out to the store to buy the album.

Run Time: 2:47
Release Date: 10.18.2010

Check out the song: “Freakshow”