It’s hard to believe, but Alter Bridge has been together now for seven years and have crafted a fairly solid career for themselves. It’s never easy starting a new band after being in a highly popular one, especially a group like Creed which sold tens of millions of records. No longer is Alter Bridge really thought of as Creed lite though, as the group has done well in distinguishing themselves from their former band.

Alter Bridge is now on to album number three, simply titled AB III. The album’s second single “I Know It Hurts” was released at the beginning of 2011. Lead singer Myles Kennedy sounds a lot like he’s doing his best rendition of an ‘80s rock singer while guitarist Mark Tremonti powers the song with his solid guitar work. The best part of the song is the powerful breakdown that comes about two minutes and twenty seconds in. Kennedy’s lyrics resonate well with the average listener and his vocal style shows a different side of him. Overall, a good rock radio track.

Run Time: 3:55
Release Date: 01.21.11

Check out the song: “I Know It Hurts”