Motörhead is back and better than ever. As an old school Motörhead fan I was chomping at the bit and more than excited to dig into this new release. Band members Lemmy, Phil and Mikkey know how to crank out good old fashion rock and roll release after release, with no pretenses and no bullshit – and it doesn’t appear that things will be slowing down anytime soon. I believe the reason they’ve got such staying power is because they don’t change their style or formula for anyone. Trends come and go yet Motorhead remain true to their unique trademark sound. For the last 35 years they’ve played their own brand of music… take them, or leave them, they are Motorhead.

The World Is Yours starts off with a bang as the band launch into what is one of my favorite songs on the disc, “Born To Lose.” This tune sets the pace for the rest of the release and it’s classic Motorhead at its best. Other notable highlights include “Brotherhood Of Man” and the last track on the record “Bye Bye Bitch Bye Bye.” The tune that really caught my ear and has become a personal favorite though is, “Rock ‘N’ Roll Music.” It is big, anthemic and really easy to sing along with.

The one downside to this record is the length. At less than 40 minutes, I found myself just getting my groove on while playing air guitar when the plug was pulled and the CD abruptly ended. Over all however, this is a great effort and just what we’ve come to expect from Motorhead; a straight ahead rock n’ roll CD and a must have disc for fans of good, balls out music.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Born To Lose
02. I Know How To Die
03. Get Back In Line
04. Devil’s In My Head
05. Rock ‘N” Roll Music
06. Waiting For The Snake
07. Brotherhood Of Man
08. Outlaw
09. I Know What You Need
10. Bye Bye Bitch Bye Bye

Run Time: 39:17
Release Date: 02.08.2011