Death metal icons Deicide are gearing up to release ‘To Hell With God’ on February 15th and are now giving fans their third and final peak at the new album. Fans can head over to for the chance to hear the album’s closing track, “How Can You Call Yourself A God”. The song is a an impressive blend of Deicide’s brand of brutal death metal with incredible guitar soloing and is available HERE.

‘To Hell With God’ will serve as an important reminder that Deicide is still the best that death metal has to offer. The album features founders Glen Benton and Steve Asheim with long time collaborators Jack Owen and Ralph Santolla tearing through some of the most intense and blasphemous work from the band yet. Make sure you catch Deicide on their upcoming ‘God Is Dead – To Hell With God’ tour alongside Belpheor, Neuraxis, Blackguard and Pathology.

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