“We Used To Be In Love” is the first single off of The Sainte Catherines’ new album Fire Works. The song title might represent how long-time fans of the band feel upon listening to the new music. It’s impossible not to register a drastic drop in tempo; the music is slower, steadier and unimaginative – at least, in comparison to their older music.

However, it’s useless to hunger for the good ol’ days, so let’s not waste our time. “We Used To Be In Love” is an average song; its pace is predictable while the lyrics are trite and forgettable. The band’s allure relies heavily upon a vocal style which sounds almost identical to The Lawrence Arms – a comparison which leaves The Sainte Catherines a definite second-best.

“We Used To Be In Love” isn’t great, but if you’re a loyal fan and feel as though dismissing Canadian punk is the cardinal sin, then maybe you’ll be appeased.  [ END ]

Run Time: 3:26
Release Date: 10.26.2010

Check out the song: “We Used To Be In Love”