Hearts On Fire is the newest release from the Canadian punk band Knucklehead. The band has been releasing albums for over 15 years now and there is a reason for their longevity. In a business where most bands don’t make it past their sophomore release, these guys have etched out quite a long career playing solid, beer drinking punk. Hearts On Fire is a continuation of their commitment to making quality punk records. While I don’t think there is one aspect that really sets them apart from the rest of the bands in the genre they consistently grind out the punk with the best of them and I think their new CD, Hearts On Fire, a fast and furious, tour de force of a disc, will appeal to most fans of the punk music genre.

In the course of this relatively short disc of 31 minutes, the listener will find rollicking grooves, tons of gang vocals, and even more political commentary, which is readily apparent on tunes like “Bigger Bombs For A Better Tomorrow.”

While I think the whole record is quite good I am particularly fond of the tracks “Rock, Rhythm, & Boots” and “North Of The 54,” both of which I feel have a more traditional punk vibe to them. As a big fan of the punk genre I think Knucklehead has constructed a fine collection of songs and even more importantly a disc that proves they can still create relevant punk after all these years.

The only downside to this CD is its length, as with many punk rock CDs, at just over half an hour I had just gotten my groove on when the disc came to an abrupt end. If you’re a fan of punk then this is a solid disc that should not disappoint.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. End In Sight
02. First Kick
03. Cut To Pieces
04. Restless Heart
05. Atlanta
06. Bigger Bombs For A Better Tomorrow
07. Perfect Vision
08. Boomtown
09. Please Louise
10. Sense In Politics
11. Rock, Rhythm, & Boots
12. North Of The 54
13. Hearts Of Fire

Run Time: 31:23
Release Date: 10.05.2010