April 11, 2009 I went to a show at the Wing Shack in Whitby, Ontario, Canada. There I saw a grindcore show featuring F.A.T.O., The Unborn Dead, Heaps Of Dead and Fuck The Facts. At the show I noticed Dave Sheldon (Man With Target, Annihilator, Exes For Eyes) behind the soundboard. What I didn’t know was that he was recording Fuck The Facts’ set for a DVD. The video never came out, but instead the band decided to release the audio on cassette. It’s a very limited run of 50 copies.

Listening to this cassette, it becomes apparent that Fuck The Facts put on a freaking great show. They sound live exactly like their studio albums, yet you gain the added energy they put into the live versions. When listening to this release I can’t help but recall that night’s performance; me watching FTF on that small stage. In case you weren’t there however, you can get an idea of how the show went by looking at the amazing pictures that come with the downloadable version of this release. The band even added the show poster for good measure.

Live In Whitby is a release that will mean a lot to anyone who shared in that night’s antics and music. It will for me forever be a walk down memory lane. More bands need to take a page from the FTF book and release live shows… even if only on tape. Fuck The Facts are a top notch grindmetal band so watch out for them, they might just be recording the next show you attend.  [ END ]

For your copy of the download CLICK HERE

Track Listing:

01. Absence And Despite
02. The Storm
03. Kelowna
04. Everyone Is Robbing The Dead
05. The Sound Of Your Smashed Head
06. La Culture Du Faux
07. The Pile Of Flesh You Carry
08. Sleepless
09. Le Tele Hors De L’eau

Run Time: 33:00
Release Date: 07.27.2010

Check out the song: “The Storm”