Throughout my high school years I listened to a few bands religiously. 36 Crazyfists was one of these; my favorite albums being Bitterness The Star and A Snow Capped Romance. To this day I remain a huge fan of the band and am still excited when I hear about new material On July 27, 2010 36 Crazyfists released their fifth album Collisions And Castaways. As soon as I got a copy I was listening to it.

The release begins with a mellow intro followed by a crash of instruments which offer a jolt of excitement. Momentarily interrupting the chaos, Brock Lindow screams “I ran with the dead” and then everyone comes blasting in, rocking out in ways every metal head should. In contrast to this is a chorus of mellow vibrato vocals. The album has heavy instruments and especially supreme drumming. To overlay, the vocals switch between screaming and singing all handled by Brock Lindow and Steve Holt: Brock being a lower scream while Steve has a higher pitch sound.

To add to the great vocals, 36 Crazyfists invited a few friends to contribute to the album. Ex label mates Adam Jackson (Twelve Tribes) and Raithon Clay (Plans To Make Perfect) helped out on the track “Anchors”. Also Brandon Davis (Across The Sun) can be heard on “The Deserter”. With such great guest appearances it would be a shame for anyone miss out on such an awesome record.

To add to their already amazing portfolio, 36 Crazyfists’ Steve Holt produced Collisions And Castaways. STEVE HOLT! (Arrested Development joke). This album is another notch on the band’s belt and is proof of their continued ability to ‘keep it fresh’. Fans of Twelve Tribes, A Life Once Lost, Ligeia and Johnny Truant will really enjoy this album.

Track Listing:

01. In the Midnights
02. Whitewater
03. Mercy and Grace
04. Death Renames the Light
05. Anchors
06. Long Road to Late Nights
07. Trenches
08. Reviver
09. Caving in Spirals
10. The Deserter
11. Waterhaul II

Run Time: 44:55
Release Date: 07.27.2010

Check out the song: “In the Midnights”