Get ready for another feast of power ballads, it’s W.E.T. everyone. Yes, it is time for another indulgence of 80’s emotional rock with some tear jerking, chunky-riff-loving guys from Sweden. Some rock enthusiasts are determined to look for pastures new, rather than the same sounds that were blasted around the world thirty years ago and if you are one of these people, it may be best to look away now.

However, if you are comfortable with travelling back in time, W.E.T may just have the best album you’ve heard in a long, long time. It would be fair to say that thirty years ago their songs could well have been anthems all across the world, along with classics produced by the likes of Poison and Motley Crue.

There’s no doubt these guys have talent as there are some real gems on this self-titled album. Opener “Invincible” is fast, chunky and overwhelmingly catchy. The synths dart around your speakers and the heavily distorted guitars add that ‘umph’ that is required from glam-rock bands. Like all groups from this genre, there is a necessity for some unbelievably emotional ballads. W.E.T. pass this test with flying colours in track 4, “Comes Down Like Rain”. In the background to Jeff Scott’s vocals there is a lovely slow guitar doused in reverb and the song gradually builds into an exceptional rock song. It is undoubtedly a highlight. In fact, the whole album produces tune after tune and contains very few disappointments.

However, as with every unoriginal record, criticism must follow. Why bring out an album that we’ve all heard before? Why not try and bring some uniqueness to the sound? Well, maybe these guys quite simply love their power ballads and don’t want to create a sound that they’re not comfortable with. Unfortunately they are too late to make a real impact in our modern sound waves and W.E.T. will probably be lost in musical wilderness before long. It’s a shame, but it is reality. People just aren’t interested in glam rock like they once were.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Invincible
02. One Love
03. Brothers In Arms
04. Comes Down Like Rain
05. Running From The Heartache
06. I’ll Be There
07. Damage Is Done
08. Put Your Money Where The Mouth Is
09. One Day At The Time
10. Just Go
11. Me Everything
12. If I Fall

Run Time: 51:53
Release Date: 11.24.2009