Chasing the Grail is the latest release from the metal act Fozzy. This is a high-energy rock album that is jam-packed with well-written, well-produced songs that will have you pumping your fist from the very first note. Many of the tunes are so catchy that I could easily see them fitting into regular rotation on rock stations around the country.

After listening to the whole disc through a number of times, I am not sure I can single out just one tune that would be a favorite of mine; they are all quite contagious. If forced to choose I would have to say that, “Broken Soul” and “Let The Madness Begin” would be the standouts for me. While both of these songs do have a bit of a commercial flair about them, they maintain enough edge and grittiness to make them good old rockers.

I would be remiss if I did not at least mention the great musicianship found throughout Chasing the Grail. There are loads of monster riffs, killer lead breaks and fantastic drumming found in just about every song. Fozzy has not necessarily created anything innovative and groundbreaking mind you, but they have assembled a solid release that should go quite a long way to getting the band noticed.

There really is nothing bad to say about Chasing the Grail. I really enjoy this is the kind of music and this disc has endured constant play in my CD player. I would recommend it without reluctance. Pick up this album as soon as you can; you will not be disappointed.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Under Blackened Skies
02. Martyr No More
03. Grail
04. Broken Soul
05. Let The Madness Begin
06. Pray for Blood
07. New Day’s Dawn
08. God Pounds His Nails
09. Watch Me Shine
10. Paraskavedekatriaphobia (Friday The 13th)
11. Revival
12. Wormwood

Run Time: 65:07
Release Date: 01.26.2010